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Restructuring Magic in the Works for 2017

Catering is our sweet spot, so to speak, and resumes again in 2017. During our restructuring, please stay connected with us here on our website and through our social media pages. Many customer favorites like our crepes, waffles and other pastries will become available again through our online menu and at special events.

The Silverberry Story

“Silverberry gets its flavor from a series of travel adventures, food allergy discoveries and a sense of community. Long ago I knew my adventurous spirit required more than a traditional 9 to 5 role. I created Silverberry as an extension of that spirit, defined by years of travel in Europe with its rich history and foods, in addition to my personal discoveries researching safe, flavorful gluten-free foods for my son with Celiac Disease.

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My appreciation for Europe comes from summer trips there as a teen and subsequently moving there with my husband during our early years of marriage. I’ll never forget an evening walk through Cochem, Germany with my husband when our children were very young. We were walking the streets through a craggy mountainous area, which overlooked the nearby river and was populated with family homes and castles. As we came around the bend, there was this amazing 1,000-year-old watchtower, right across from someone’s home. This appreciation for mingling such incredible history with the present is the part of Europe I can bring to West Michigan through Old World family recipes and a warm, welcoming café atmosphere. Silverberry opened its doors in July 2014 with the support of family, friends and community members. Our team continues to grow and places the highest emphasis on bringing pure ingredients together with European family recipes to inspire a sense of community through good food and good service. I want Silverberry to be a haven for people who long for higher quality and creativity in the foods they eat. Additionally, I have such a deep personal interest in sharing my passion for flavorful gluten-free foods with my family and my community. We progress everyday. There’s always something to improve and learn, even if that’s reaffirming what we’re doing is right and needed.”

Angela Specter, owner of Silverberry