Authentic European Foods

A heritage of Old World recipes from Northern Europe translate into gourmet café delights for your breakfast, lunch or special event.

Homemade & Allergy Conscious

Fresh, high quality ingredients and diligent preparation come together in the flavorful foods you crave, customized for allergy needs.

Silverberry Cafe Grand Rapids

Convenient and Welcoming

Get your favorite foods and coffee to go or dine in for a friendly European café experience suitable for meetings or gatherings with family or friends.


Silverberry takes a traditional European Coffeehouse approach; using custom coffee blends in our espresso machine and French presses.

Crepes and Waffles

Crepes are made gluten-free with options to include fruits, vegetables or meats. Our Belgian liege waffles are served simple or stacked with fruits, chocolates and crèmes


The pasty (“pass-tee”) bakes in a combination of meats, spices and sauces for an exquisite pie, even a Brit or Yooper will love.

Salads and Soups

Artful arrangements of fresh greens with eclectic combinations of meats, vegetables and cheese make your salad a meal. Homemade soups are served by the bowl or by the cup to compliment various breakfast or lunch selections.


Sandwiches cozy up with fresh cheeses, meats and assorted breads, available gluten-free, dairy-free upon request.

Pastries and Desserts

Sweet and savory pastries such as croissants, quiches and tarts are baked daily, in addition to fresh baguettes, croissants, challah, and breads.

The Silverberry Story

“Silverberry gets its flavor from a series of travel adventures, food allergy discoveries and a sense of community. Long ago I knew my adventurous spirit required more than a traditional 9 to 5 role. I created Silverberry as an extension of that spirit, defined by years of travel in Europe with its rich history and foods, in addition to my personal discoveries researching safe, flavorful gluten-free foods for my son with Celiac Disease.

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My appreciation for Europe comes from summer trips there as a teen and subsequently moving there with my husband during our early years of marriage. I’ll never forget an evening walk through Cochem, Germany with my husband when our children were very young. We were walking the streets through a craggy mountainous area, which overlooked the nearby river and was populated with family homes and castles. As we came around the bend, there was this amazing 1,000-year-old watchtower, right across from someone’s home. This appreciation for mingling such incredible history with the present is the part of Europe I can bring to West Michigan through Old World family recipes and a warm, welcoming café atmosphere. Silverberry opened its doors in July 2014 with the support of family, friends and community members. Our team continues to grow and places the highest emphasis on bringing pure ingredients together with European family recipes to inspire a sense of community through good food and good service. I want Silverberry to be a haven for people who long for higher quality and creativity in the foods they eat. Additionally, I have such a deep personal interest in sharing my passion for flavorful gluten-free foods with my family and my community. We progress everyday. There’s always something to improve and learn, even if that’s reaffirming what we’re doing is right and needed.”

Angela Specter, owner of Silverberry

I really enjoyed my experience here. Very unique to this part of town, and much needed! The pastries were delicious and the staff was very helpful. Would be a great place to take your family for a meal or just meet up with friends for coffee and dessert. Also liked that they offer fresh loaves of bread. This place is well worth checking out.

Michelle W

Fantastic food and really friendly staff. Vegetarian and gluten free options. New favorite stop for breakfast and lunch.

Rin R

Silverberry Kitchen is not set up for large parties but we called ahead for a group of 12 and they managed to set us up in our own private room. They took very good care of us and though they were very concerned about the long way, it in truth was less wait than you could rightfully expect with a group of 12. They even had a small sign on the table with our party name, it was very thoughtful.

Greg K

Expanding Catering and Wholesale, Closing Cafe

We are closing the retail portion of our Plainfield Avenue area European specialty café and pausing catering, effective Thursday, September 15. Catering will resume and wholesale services begin early in 2017.

It’s been an honor to serve an expanding customer base from our retail location. As we grow our catering services and gluten-free and dairy-free food options in 2017, many customer favorites like pasties, crepes, sandwiches and tortes will become available again through our online menu and at special events.

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